Sandy Beaches

The South Hams coastline, stretching from Start Bay all the way around to Mothercombe boast arguably the best selection of beaches the UK has to offer, from totally untouched, unspoilt smugglers coves, through to long sandy beaches with ample parking, facilities and lifeguards, the South Hams beaches have it all.


Salcombe Retreat is literally a stone's throw away from the local coast path. This is part of the longest unbroken coast path in the UK, The South West Coast Path, which can be followed all the way around to North Devon. There are stunning walks to Salcombe and Hope Cove.

Fresh Local Produce

Salcombe Retreat's position, surrounded by farms, freeholds and fishing villages means that fresh local produce is easy to find. You really will get a sense of living off the land. Signs announcing "free range eggs for sale" are a common sight, and there are some fantastic local restaurants boasting the local origin of their ingredients.

The Rolling Hills of Devon

At Salcombe Retreat you'll find yourself right between the open countryside and the sea. The breathtaking views of the South Devon coastline can be enjoyed with easy access to the South West coast path. Choose a day out at the sea, a stroll across the cliffs or head to Dartmoor where the great outdoors can be enjoyed from the comfort of a 13th century Inn.

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